What to Do Before Your Family Beach Holiday

If you are planning a beach holiday with your family, there are a number of important things to consider doing before you leave. The more organised you are in advance, the more you will be able to relax when your holiday comes around.

Check the Expiry Date on All of Your Passports

passport and cash

Take a look at the passports of all your family members – are they in date? Many countries require you to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months before you enter. If you haven’t been away in a while, you might have forgotten when your passport is due to expire.

Also, if you are traveling with babies they will usually need to have their own passport as well. To find out more, contact your passport office for more information.

Book Your Transport to the Airport

Figure out in advance how you are getting to the airport – this isn’t something you want to be doing at the last minute. If you’re driving, you will need to figure out where you can park your car during your holiday and look up the route on your GPS. Alternatively, you could choose to take a taxi to the airport to make things easier. For example, if you booked an taxi to Stanstead, it would pick you up at your house and take you and your family right to the gate.

Pack Some Entertainment for the Plane

Children can get bored and cranky during long plane journeys, so it is important to bring plenty of fun things to keep them entertained. This can include colouring books, picture books, comics, magazines, small toys, handheld video games, teddy bears and much more.

Here’s a helpful tip to keep in mind – dole out the entertainment one by one, only presenting your child with something new when they get bored with the last item. This way, they will have several little surprises to look forward to and you can maintain their interest throughout the entire flight.

Get Lots of Sleep Before You Go and On the Way

Flying can be a tiring experience. In order to prepare, make sure that you get a good sleep the few nights before your holiday. Also, try your best to sleep well on the flight if you are taking an overnight journey. Bring earplugs, a warm jumper and a neck pillow with you so that you can get comfortable and sleep – so that you can arrive at your destination with a fresh mind.

Plan Some of Your Activities

While you can be flexible on holiday, you might also want to research some of your activities in advance, so that you can be sure that you won’t miss out on them. For example, you wouldn’t want to save the waterpark for the last day of your holiday only to find out that it is not open on Sundays. Having information about your top attractions will help you to know when and where to go.

Other Clever Tips for Your Beach Getaway

  • Pack your beach towels with you in your carry-on bags on the plane. You use them as pillows or blankets on the plane and if you arrive before your hotel room is ready, you can still head right to the pool for a swim while you wait.
  • When you are at the beach, bring along a container of baby powder. If you sprinkle it on your feet, it will help the sand fall right off so that you won’t track it into the car or the hotel room!
  • It is a good idea to bring with you a little travel first aid kit on your family beach holiday. It can include paracetamol, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, plasters, sun cream, insect repellent, tissues and other such items.
  • Pack some gum for the flight, it helps to chew it while setting off and descending to ease the pressure in your eardrums.

These are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind for your family beach holiday… so have a great trip!

Max Wheeler is a freelance writer and father of two lovely little girls. He and his wife like to go on a beach holiday every year to relax in the sunshine and spend time with their daughters.

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