5 Safety Checks to Complete on Your Car before Setting off on Holiday

It’s always a good idea to check your car thoroughly before taking off on a long trip. Nothing will take the fun and excitement out of a holiday adventure faster than a broken down car. As distances between towns and cities are often extensive in Australia, having a well running car is even more imperative. Sitting on the side of the road in the midday heat trying to flag down help can be pretty harrowing.

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Here are some car safety checks that will help make for smooth sailing, (driving).

Repairs and Maintenance

Check that your car is not in need of major repair or maintenance. If there are problems with your vehicle, get them fixed before you leave. It is Murphy’s Law that if you don’t, the problem you have been have been putting off fixing will suddenly escalate into a major repair scenario on the road, so if your car is due for a service make sure you have it done before you leave home.

Give it a Check Up

There are a few things you need to check before your trip. Firstly, check the air filter. A clogged air filter will give you poor fuel economy. The air filter is easy to check and change. Checking your water coolant is vital, especially if you are venturing into weather conditions that differ from home.


Check that all tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. Low pressure can cause heat to build up that may result in a blowout on the highway. Check your owner’s manual to ascertain the correct pressure. Take a look at the tread on your tyres too and don’t forget to check the spare.

Clean the Car

Take anything out of the car that you don’t need. The more weight in the car the more fuel you will use, so if you don’t need it, lose it. Before you pack up the car clean it inside and out. Pay special attention to your windscreen. Make sure the wiper water is full and also check the blades. For some reason a clean car always seems to run better and besides it will be make for a more enjoyable trip. When you do pack the car for your holiday, make sure you pack luggage as evenly as possible.


You need to make sure you have everything you need safely in your glove box before taking off. You need to carry your registration papers as well as drivers’ license. If you are stopped by police they can ask to see these. It is a good idea to carry the owner’s manual as well. Also carry any phone numbers you might and if you are in a road service club make sure you have the appropriate documentation should you need their help.

If you can’t confidently say that your car will get you there and back safely, you should make other travel arrangements, or alternatively upgrade your ride. In Australia Dreamloans offers some great car finance options to help you get behind the wheel of a steed that will last the distance.

And lastly, relax and have a wonderful holiday.

5 thoughts on “5 Safety Checks to Complete on Your Car before Setting off on Holiday

  1. These are some great tips that my husband and I do everytime we go on road trips. Always visit the Mechanic to have our vehicle checked-up, then when everything’s (mechanic-wise) done, I would vacuum the inside of the vehicle, organize our things, especially for the kids, then my husband would wash the outside and wax it. We love road trips so we do our best to make our trips safe and fun the best way we can.

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